Porcelain Veneers

Dental Veneers which are also known as dental laminates are shells placed on the outer layer of your tooth and are custom made to look identical to the shape and color of your tooth. There are two types of Veneers; Composite and Porcelain and depending on the type of work the patient needs determines the type of veneer placed.

Are you candidate for Veneers

Myinterdent wants to help you to restore your smile.
Esthetically affected anterior teeth
Crooked or poorly shaped teeth.
Stained teeth.
Fractures teeth.
Anatomically malformed teeth.
Picture-1 The patient believed her teeth were a detriment in her job profession. With a prominent career, this patient came to our dental office in Tijuana, Mexico in search of a smile makeover. She was self-conscious that her upper teeth were cracked and yellow. Additionally, her teeth were worn unevenly because of a clinching and teeth grinding habit.
Picture-2 Her top priority was achieved into an instant solution. Porcelain Veneers were made to eight upper front teeth. They were straighter and whiter in only two appointments. She was absolutely thrilled with the rapid and life-changing result.

How can Veneers help me?

There are many benefits in choosing dental treatments in Tijuana. For one, it is an affordable, because cosmetic dentistry in our office is far more inexpensive than any clinic in the United States. Also, we offer transportation services at no cost and guarantee a safe and beneficial experience.

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